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A search engine makes it possible to use this article bank to
review Montreal news from 1970 to 2007 on topics of political
mobilization, insecurity and governance.

More than 7 000 articles from the Montreal press (between 1985 and
2007) chosen by our research team and classified by key words and

List of descriptors :

Feelings/States| Violence | Regulation and Control | Political Participation | Inequalities and Research on Equality| Social Groups | City | Government Bodies| Economic Dynamics

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04.2012 | Publications

Research report 2012

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03.2013 | Publications en ligne [WWW]

Nathalie Boucher co-écrit : " 100, Somerville"

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04.2012 | Epistemological reflections

Presentation of VESPA. For an Epistemology of Urbanity

Pour une épistémologie de l’urbanité, Tokyo

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