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Ville et espaces politiques (VESPA) is a dynamic research laboratory that offers researchers the technology and equipment necessary for qualitative data collection, research analysis, archiving and networking. The laboratory also provides a space where researchers can creatively integrate research results with multimedia technologies for greater interactive diffusion.

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Research Team

The VESPA research team is composed of researchers, postdoctoral fellows, students and interns. The VESPA research team is young, dynamic, multilingual, multidisciplinary and international.

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This section is a list of VESPA’s university and associative collaborators, and inter-university and international networks and research groups. The VESPA team collaborates with many other local and international research groups. These collaborations are in some cases ad hoc, and in others institutional.

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For questions about our research, our afternoon seminars, our events or for any other information, you may contact us…

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VESPA in 360 News

04.2012 | Epistemological reflections

Presentation of VESPA. For an Epistemology of Urbanity

Pour une épistémologie de l’urbanité, Tokyo

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04.2012 | Publications

Research report 2012

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