• Global Urban Politics : Informalization of the State | Julie-anne Boudreau’s New Book is out !

    Julie-Anne Boudreau's New Book is out !

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  • Are you between 16 and 25, and live in St-Michel ? | Maybe the MAPCOLLAB is for you !


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  • Youth identity and territorial constructions in immigrant neighbourhoods : | A comparison between Montreal and Paris

    This comparative study of the production of youth culture explores their experiences (between the age of 16 to 25) in four districts. http://paris-montreal.concordia.ca/

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  • New research project in Hanoi 2013-2015 | Youth-friendly public spaces

    This interdisciplinary partnership brings together Canadian and Vietnamese researchers and the NGO HealthBridge to examine the use of formal public spaces in Hanoi in relationship to the needs of urban youth.

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  • New Research Project | Spring Trajectories : Youth and Political Mobilization in Montreal.

    A new research project at the VESPA retraces the spatial trajectories of student political actions since the spring of 2012.

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  • Publications | Research report 2012

    « Constructing youth citizenship in Montreal and Mexico City : The examples of youth-police relations in Saint-Michel and Iztapalapa. »

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  • Publications | Research report, october 2011

    « Practices of youth mobility and the socio-political commitment. A comparison of two neighborhoods in the metropolitan area of Montreal », Julie-Anne Boudreau, Laurence Janni and Olivier Chatel

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The lab Ville et ESPAces politiques (VESPA) is where the projects of the Chair take place since 2006.

Ville et espaces politiques (VESPA) is a dynamic research laboratory that offers researchers the technology and equipment necessary for qualitative data collection, research analysis, archiving and networking. The laboratory also provides a space where researchers can creatively integrate research results with multimedia technologies for greater interactive diffusion.

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A thousand words for an image / Story by Marilena Liguori

Promoting cultural diversity through food in “multicultural” Toronto

The City of Toronto prides itself on being “one of the most multicultural cities in the world”. From a demographic perspective, this seems to be the case given that half of its population is born outside of Canada and over 140 languages and dialects are spoken there . But does the presence of immigrants alone make a city “multicultural”? And what does it mean for Toronto to define itself as “multicultural”?

Cultural diversity has become a central component in the way in which Toronto defines itself and constitutes its image. This “celebration of difference” has been used to promote Toronto as a global city to foster economic development and growth by conveying a favourable climate to attract tourists and investment. This is often achieved by marketing “ethnic” neighbourhoods (...) read more:

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New publications /

05.2013 | Chapter in collective work

Oxford Handbook of Urban Politics 2012

Mayer, M. and J.A. Boudreau. (2012). “Social movements in urban politics : Trends in research and practice” in K. Mossberger, S.E. Clarke, and P. John (eds.). Oxford Handbook of Urban Politics. Oxford : Oxford University Press

04.2012 | Thematic publication [WWW]

Urbanity, fear, and political action : Explorations of intersections

3 articles by VESPA members : Julie-Anne Boudreau, Godefroy Desrosiers-Lauzon, Julien Rebotier.

04.2012 | Publication online [PDF]

In-Between Infrastructure : Urban Connectivity in an Age of Vulnerability

Boudreau, J-A et P. Burke Wood. 2011. « (Dis)Comfort, (In)Security, and the Experience of the Spaces In Between » Dans In-Between Infrastructure : Urban Connectivity in an Age of Vulnerability, sous la dir. de D. Young, P. Burke Wood t R. Keil, p. 209-224.

2013 | Activities

Suggested activities

2013 is vibrant with activities in Montreal and VESPA members enjoys sharing and discovering local activities...Here is our "coups de coeur" events from time to time >>

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2009 | Ongoing Projects

Appréhensions et opportunités face à la mobilité des jeunes. Le cas montréalais

Following a series of highly publicized articles on street gangs in Montreal and their expansion to Laval, the goal was to better understand ...

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Epistemological reflections

Presentation of VESPA. For an Epistemology of Urbanity

Contemporary processes of urbanization are characterized both by powerful global interdependencies and by overwhelming sensory stimuli, often channelled through multimedia technologies. VESPA seeks to reproduce these two defining elements of urbanity in its methodology by ...

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Multimedia space

Article Bank

A search engine makes it possible to use this article bank to review Montreal news from 1970 to 2007 on topics of political mobilization, insecurity and governance.

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